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Specifically Policy 616 and Personnel

  The Farmington School Board Meeting is set for this Monday, April 24, 2023, 5pm at Farmington City Hall. Wanted to collect and share my thoughts on the agenda items.  Public Comment will be open at 5:15pm and be on any topic. Meadowview, Riverview Elementary Schools and Dodge Middle School will showcase learning projects prior to the meeting. I was quite alarmed by both the Personnel Report (on the consent agenda) and the Probationary Teacher contract non-renewals. I had a very insightful conversation with our HR Director, MaryAnn Thomas in these regards. Based on the parameters the board set in February (realigning $3 million for the 2023-24 school year), each principal is given a set number of FTE to restaff their building. Given contractual language, seniority is always awarded positions first. In addition numerous staff are employed with an Out of Field Permission from MDE that is only valid for 1-year and have to be renewed annually. Many of the terrific staff on this list of

"What Every Parent Needs to Know..." Event this week

I've recently returned from 2,400-mile road trip with three of my kids (we love Spring Break) and while sorting through my inbox, I learned about this informational event, " What Every Minnesota Parent Needs to Know About School Choice ," sponsored by the Minnesota Parent Alliance on  Tuesday, April 11, 6-8pm at the Inver Grove Community Center. Join us as education policy expert Catrin Wigfall breaks down this complex issue and gives us an insight into the landscape of the educational freedom movement nationally and locally. This presentation is designed to give parents as much information as possible so they can continue to navigate K-12 education issues with confidence. See more information on the link . And please share your thoughts with me.

A time to speak

Welcome to a platform created to convey my opinions, facts and research as a member of the Farmington ISD 192 School Board.  Elected in November 2022, I ran for School Board to implement policies that focus of the basics of each student’s education, to maximize teachers' instructional time and to approve fiscally responsible, transparent and accountable allocation of the budget.